Technical Lunch, Friday, January 19th

AHS Technical Lunch January 19th

Three Presentations:

Title:             Artificial Icing Flight Test Campaign for the AW609 Tiltrotor: On-Board Test Director Challenges

  and Lessons Learned

Speaker:       Darren Tallie, AW609 Senior Flight Test Engineer

Title:             Stabilization of External Loads in Rotorcraft in High-Speed Flight Using a Reduced Order Mode

and linear Quadratic Regulator

Speaker:       Ajay Singh, MS Aerospace Engineering at Penn State

Title:             An Efficient CFD Approach for Multicopter Simulations

Speaker:      Jason Cornelius, BS Aerospace Engineering at Penn State

Place:            Boeing Site Building: 3-01, 1st floor, Conf H4 PICES Room

Time:             11:30AM – 1:00PM

Presentation is open to members and non-members

POC:              Jack Chisholm or 610-591-6780

If you require a visitors pass to enter Boeing premises, Please contact Jack Chisholm.

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